#0 : What is RedGate?

Hello. Welcome to RedGate's DevLog. I will explain what kind of game it is like a tutorial.

A player is a soldier in a village. The goal is to save people in the village being attacked by enemies. However, the enemy is beaten strongly. At that time, the soldier listened to the voice from somewhere, and when he noticed he was in another world.

[World 1]
Please do not worry about the fire above in the moment. Here, something points accumulate by eating residents. Continuing to eat inhabitants, combos occur and points accumulate steadily. This point can be used for later upgrades. However, in this place the robot is monitoring.If the robot finds you, it will attack.If you are hidden behind the scenes, the robot never finds you. Or maybe you will manage to get away with a dash.

There are several rooms in World 1, and there are many inhabitants or special inhabitants there. However, there is monitoring of the robot here as well.When this robot finds abnormality in the room, it will cause the room itself to disappear, so please be careful.

In rare cases, the fruit is down.If you eat it you will be full and will not be able to dash. Something comes out when trying to dash in a state of full stomach. Robots are not good at this.

Do you remember the fire at the start point?
If you save enough points, please jump into the fire.
Proceed to the next stage.

[Between World 1 and World 2]

Here, we will use the points earned by World 1 to power up the player. Attacks from the left, speed, physical strength. If you are satisfied with the power up, please push the entrant on the bottom soldier. You will move to World 2.

[World 2]

Here it is! Save the people here! However, enemies are strong and numerous. In that case, let's go back to World 1 and try again. The nearest NPC tells us how to return to World 1. If you can not save that NPC, you will not be able to return to World 1.

This is rough game introduction and how to play. It became a blog with quite a volume, so I'll do it this time for now. In the future I hope to be able to share not only the update but also a bit of things under development with everyone. Thank you.

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