Early Acces Start.

I managed to start it.
Thank you everyone. Please join and enjoy the game!

Well, about the current state of the game. The introduction part of the story can play. Although it is a small scale, I believe that the fun of the game is transmitted. In the next update, a quest start, a boss battle, and an item are added. By doing so, you should be able to experience near completion. If it is going well, the game will be updated in a few months. Please wait for a while.

As a further development trend, I will correct a fatal bug (game can not advance!) Etc, but if not, I think that content creation will be given priority.

That's it for now. By starting early access, I could relax a bit, but I am preparing for the next update.I will do my best to deliver good games to everyone! 

Additional notes:

Initially we set pricing as early access.
However, I decided on the alpha version from the game contents and development situation.

Information is put on tumblr.

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